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Never attended our support group meeting before? Here are a few questions and answers to provide further information about our group. Please feel free to email or call us if you have any further questions. 

Do I have to speak at the support group meeting?

Absolutely not.  People are welcome to speak if they wish, and quite often people who didn’t think they’d talk, end up wanting to.  However, you are welcome to just sit, listen and observe if that is what you wish to do.


Can I bring someone to the meeting with me?
For your first meeting, we’d be happy to welcome your guest to join us.  We realize how difficult it is to come to the meetings, so if you need to bring a support person, they are welcome to come.  Most members find that after the first meeting, they are comfortable to attend alone.


What about confidentiality?

We treat our meetings as totally confidential.  We remind members that any conversation at the meeting is confidential and that what is discussed in the room should stay in the room.  Of course, members are welcome to connect outside of the group for additional discussion.


Is there a cost to attend?

We are blessed in that we receive some operating grants from the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation.  This enables us to host the meetings free of charge.  The only time we ask you to pay is for the annual Christmas Party dinner.


Can I make arrangements for a ride?

If you need a ride to a meeting, please let someone on the steering committee know.  Although we cannot guarantee it, we do try to find rides whenever possible.  If you want to attend, we’ll help you get there.


Do you give medical advice?

We are not medical professionals, and as such, do not give out any medical advice.  If you have a specific medical question or concern, we encourage you to contact your doctor or the nurse looking after you.

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