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These are just a small selection of resources for you to review.

Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer

This 72 page booklet is a comprehensive guide for Canadians living with metastatic or advanced breast cancer, caregivers, family and friends and provides information and guidance on navigating the physical, emotional, spiritual and practical aspects of the diagnosis and subsequent journey.

Created in collaboration with the Canadian Breast Cancer Network and Rethink Breast Cancer, this resource was reviewed by women who are living with metastatic breast cancer. Their words of wisdom are included within so that others may benefit from their experiences and insights. Visit here  to view the booklet online or request a free copy at 

LBBC - Understanding Yoga and Breast Cancer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer's Understanding Yoga and Breast Cancer. This guide explains the common styles of yoga offered in many studios and cancer or community centers, as well as some of the poses you will likely encounter during your first yoga classes. Learn about how yoga may benefit you as a woman with breast cancer, how to avoid injury, and ways to adapt the practice if you are in treatment, recently had surgery, or have lymphedema or metastatic disease. Find out what questions are important to ask your instructor, where to find classes near you, and what kind of yoga fits your needs.  


Visit the site to download a PDF Copy.

Cancer Fabulous Diaries

ReThink teamed up with young breast cancer survivor Sylvia Soo to create a first-of-its-kind resource for young women going through breast cancer: Cancer Fabulous Diaries.



Cancer Fabulous Diaries offers practical advice and important coping techniques from young survivors as well as a variety of health care experts. It also offers lively, surprising, and completely absorbing musings by Sylvia and other young survivors on single life, love, marriage, best friends, babies, clothes, work, apartment moves, late dinners . . . and what happens to all that when you get breast cancer. One part inspirational memoir, one part practical handbook, Cancer Fabulous Diaries documents the journey from diagnosis to recovery.

Network News - Fall 2014


In this issue:

  • Hereditary Breast Cancer:

    • Know Your Risk

    • Q&A: Genetic Counselling

    • Preventative Treatment

    • Survivor Story


  • Healthy Living:

    • Getting Active

    • Nutrition and Recovery


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